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  • Do you want to change an unused room into a home office?

  • Do want to set up a simple filing system for your home?


  • Do you need simplified business processes?


  • Do you want to organise family photographs?


Paperwork is the biggest contributor to clutter but with 28 years office experience in the Civil Service this is an area I excel in. It is also an area I can start to organise without you if you prefer, but don’t worry nothing would be thrown away without your consent.


I can advise on what to keep and for how long, and set up a time saving paper management and filing system you can easily maintain.


Once the paperwork has been reduced we can look at appropriate office furniture and storage. To keep an office tidy, it is important to leave you with an easy to maintain filing system that will work for you.



As a previously qualified Work Measurement Analyst I can provide guidance to simplify business processes to ensure responsibilities are defined, deadlines are met and consistent customer service is provided.

I can also offer support for admin tasks on an ongoing basis as a Virtual Assistant. The benefits being you only pay for the hours worked - no sick pay or holiday pay.


These can mount up over the years, whether in albums, boxes or tucked in many places around the home, and can feel an overwhelming task which therefore never gets started. With my support it can be consolidated into a simple system that means you can find and enjoy photographs of specific people/occasions whenever required.

This can be a great present for a relative - a gift voucher to get them started on organising and sharing photographs they've not seen for a long time.



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

……….take that step now, a journey is always more fun with a friend 





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