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Every assignment is different but and, as it can be both emotionally and physically tiring, we will work together at a pace you are comfortable with. We will agree a goal together before each session, and a time/cost limit too.

  • Please contact me by telephone, text or email; whichever you feel most comfortable with.

  • I will then arrange to talk with you to understand what you would like me to help with.

  • Following this I’ll arrange a visit, at a time convenient for you, to assess your requirements in more detail and discuss the timescales for achieving your goal. For virtual organisation sessions we'll book a video call to discuss the above and organisation sessions will be by video/phone call.

  • I’ll develop a planned approach and we will agree a start date. You can then relax as you’ve taken an important step in achieving your goal.

  • When we start we’ll work through the area you’ve chosen, looking at what you want to keep and what you’re happy to let go of. It will always be your final decision. If you prefer I can take charity donations at the end of each session to maximise the improvement you can see.

  • Once we are left with only the things you want to keep, the things that bring you happiness, we will consider the correct storage solution(s) and I’ll show you examples of what might work for you.


In person sessions: Initial 20-30 minute consultation visit to clarify requirements = £20 payable at the meeting.  Organisation sessions £30 per hour [recommended 3-4 hour sessions to maximise progress].

Virtual sessions: Initial 20-30 minute consultation video call to clarify requirements with payment in advance to secure the booking. Virtual organisation sessions are £30 per hour and may involve time working on your own with motivation calls at agreed timescales. Charges are only made for our call times and any research I do on your behalf e.g. storage solutions.

House Move management: £50 per hour [office or on-site]; a time sheet will be maintained and invoiced for payment after your move or at the end of my support.

Materials: Boxes, bubble wrap & brown tape = charged at cost. If I pick up boxes for free, you get them for free.

Travel Costs: there are no travel costs within a 20-mile radius of Blackpool, thereafter mileage is charged at 45p per mile (in accordance with the current HMRC rates).

Payment at the end of each session please by cash, cheque or bank transfer; invoices will be provided [BACS is preferred]. I am not registered for VAT.

Home Staging: £100 for a visit and detailed report specific to your property.



This document describes the terms on which The Home Organiser would be happy to help you.

Breaks: While the end result of decluttering/downsizing is satisfying, the process can be physically and emotionally demanding. I will take things at a pace you feel comfortable with; taking a break when you want to. Should a session cover lunchtime we will need to break for lunch but you will not be charged for this lunch period, usually 30 minutes.

Cancellation: Both you and I have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • If the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the booked session, and no replacement session is booked, I may charge 50% of the intended fee.           


  • If the cancellation is made within 2 hours of the booked session, and no replacement session is booked, I may charge 100% of the intended fee.

Cleaning: I want to leave you with a tidy and organised home. I am very happy to help you with any light dusting and vacuuming needed as part of our work but The Home Organiser is not a professional cleaning service.

Confidentiality and Privacy: The Home Organiser is a professional service. I never divulge client information, nor any personal or business details that I may see in the course of my work, to third parties without your consent e.g. contact details to an auctioneer/removal firm. The only way in which your situation may be mentioned to others is in the context of my own services, and is depersonalised and unidentifiable (e.g. “a client in Lancaster” or “John in Poulton”).

​If you are in agreement I would like to take “before and after” photographs for use on my website, but this will only happen with your express permission and the images used anonymously.

​When our work is complete, I will ask you for feedback, and would be grateful for any testimonial that you would be willing to provide. As a small business this helps me build client confidence.

Costs: It is not always possible to tell exactly how long it will take to do what you want to. I can give you my best estimate based on other work but each job and each client is unique. You will only be charged for the hours actually worked whether that be on your premises, delivering charity donations or undertaking administrative work in my home on your behalf e.g. researching specific storage solutions.


Data Protection: I collect and use certain information about you e.g. name, address, telephone number, to enable me to provide the support you require. I take responsibility for this information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ref. ZA268724) to ensure I comply with current laws.

To protect your personal information, I have password access on my mobile phone and laptop computer and all current paperwork is stored in a locked filing cabinet in my home. Your information is only held for as long as is necessary to complete the purpose I collected it for, i.e. your details will be deleted from my mobile phone once our work is complete. Invoices are retained in accordance with HMRC requirements, i.e. for 6 years from the invoice date.

Guidance: I am not a valuer, nor do I have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity, nor am I qualified to advise on valuation matters for insurance purpose.

I will not pressure you to get rid of things. Guidance is given in good faith. You might ask for advice and I might make suggestions but decisions are yours and you accept responsibility for all, or any, items disposed of in the decluttering process.

Handling: I am happy to help you re-locate items of furniture that I can manage alone or we can manage between us. For heavy pieces of furniture, we will need some help. You may wish to have a friendly neighbour or relative to call on for this.

I will handle your possessions with great care but should an accident occur I shall not be liable for losses for damage, howsoever caused and rely on you to carry insurance at all times which adequately compensates for your losses or damage howsoever caused by me in my capacity as your agent.

I am covered as a Personal Organiser/Decluttering Practitioner with Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance.


Payment: Is required within 7 days of the invoice date either by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payment at the time of the appointment is appreciated. A 5% charge will be added every 4 weeks to late payments.

Personal Safety: your name and address may be made available to a close friend whilst I am on-site with you. This is following personal safety guidance.

Removal: Items to be removed from your premises, either for disposal or to other locations, must be at your own discretion. Disposal will not take place without your authorisation.

New clients will be asked to sign these Terms and Conditions before the session begins.



Why hire a Professional Organiser?
It has been acceptable for a long time to hire a cleaner, a gardener or someone to iron if these are the areas you don't enjoy or excel at.


Now it is becoming more common to hire a professional to help with organising your home.


With Home Staging it is useful to have an objective assessment of your home from someone who will see it as a buyer would, without the emotional attachment that you have.

Why not ask family or friends? 
Family and friends are often busy with their own lives and sometimes people don't want them rooting in their things or seeing how much there is to sort out. 
The Home Organiser is a non-judgemental and confidential service in helping you decide what you want to keep and what you want to do with anything else. 

Will you make me throw everything away?  
Absolutely not.  My role is to remind you of your goal and support your decision making. The choice of whether to keep or let go will be solely yours.

I feel embarrassed to let you see my mess?  
There's really no need to be. I understand how things can get out of control and I have seen many similar situations. I’m here to help, not to judge - my interest is only in how to help you regain the order that you want. 

How long will it take?  
This will depend on the size of the task and the speed you are able to work at (both emotionally and physically). We will agree an outline plan when I meet you and see the work to be done, also taking into consideration your budget. However, I usually suggest no more than 3-4 hours for each session.

Will I be left with rubbish in my home?  
I will take away as much as possible in my car at the end of a session but if the volume is likely to exceed one car load we can discuss additional arrangements such as hire of a skip or involving the support of other people for rubbish removal. I only remove clean items in my car.

Which areas do you cover? 
I am based in Blackpool but available across the North West i.e. South Lakes, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire [typically up to 1.5 hours from my home]. Within 20 miles of my home incurs no mileage costs, however for areas outside this radius a charge of 45p per mile will be made which is in line with the current HMRC rates.



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