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  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home?


  • Do you dread unexpected visitors?


  • Do you often lose your keys, phone, dog?


  • Would you like a clean, organised home to welcome friends into?


  • Would you like to enjoy the lovely furniture and ornaments you have?


  • Do you have a room you no longer use?


It took time to build up the collection of items you have in your home, and it will therefore take some time to go through everything and reorganise but we will get there.


With my support, you can achieve your dream home space. Together we can agree a schedule and workplan and, following a proven methodology bring order to your home. After we’ve achieved the desired result I can leave you with tips to ensure you stay clutter free in the future.


It is so freeing to let go of the things that don’t matter to you, and to have your treasured possessions displayed so that you can enjoy them every day and be proud to invite friends into your home.


Often when children fly the nest their room is unused until their parents are ready to use the space for another purpose. It can be emotionally overwhelming to go through their things (when they don’t get around to it) but it can be rewarding to be able to spread out into the whole of your house.


Maybe you’ve always wanted a craft/hobby room so you don’t have to stop and put everything away, or clear the dining table for tea.


Maybe you’d like a home office or a simple filing system to organise your paperwork.


Maybe you’d like a guest bedroom to bring in a rental income.



Nothing is out of the question; if you don’t see what you are looking for then please contact me to discuss your requirements (I do love a new challenge).



  • Do you want to easily see what you have to wear?


  • Do you want to be able to quickly find outfits?


  • Do you want to make outfits out of the separates you have?


  • Do you want to only have clothing that enhances you and makes you shine?



It’s often difficult to know where to start when you’ve overwhelmed by a bulging wardrobe; and by wardrobe I also mean clothing rails, backs of doors, overfilled chests of drawers etc.


If you have a large volume of clothes but always seem to wear the same outfits or often have a top with no bottom and visa versa we can work together to get you a balanced wardrobe.


It feels great to open up your wardrobe and easily see the clothes you love arranged neatly on hangers. It’s the same when you open a drawer and can easily see the contents waiting to be picked.


There is no fun in battling to pull clothes from an overfilled wardrobe or having to dig through layers of jumpers to find the one you want, and usually leaving the rest, at best, slightly crumpled.


Together we can work through your clothing to keep only the best for you to enjoy and to make life so much lighter.


Nothing is more exhausting than the task that’s never started (Gretchen Rubin)

……. Let’s start now, together



  • Do you want to change an unused room into a home office?

  • Do want to set up a simple filing system for your home?

  • Do you want to organise a large number of family photographs?


Whatever you need I can provide help and guidance.


Paperwork is the biggest contributor to clutter but this is an area I excel in. It is also an area I can organise without you if you prefer, but don’t worry nothing would be thrown away without your consent.


I can advise on what to keep and for how long and set up a time saving paper management and filing system you can easily maintain. Imagine how good that would feel.


Once a room has been decluttered we can look at appropriate office furniture and storage. To keep an office tidy, it is important to give thought to an easy to maintain filing system that will work for you.


If you want help organising paperwork we can establish the best system for you in the space you have to ensure nothing is lost or missed in the future.


Photographs traditionally can take up a large amount of space and it can be very time-consuming sorting through them to only keep the very best and to display them so you can take happiness from them each day.




A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

……….take that step now, a journey is always more fun with a friend J